Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hate Crime Roundup

Some of the insanity out there.

WSYX-WTTE: Mother Calls Son's 'Caught-on-Tape' Beating a Hate Crime - YouTube Ambush of gay student by another. No one helped, but one person did video the whole thing. (That will help with prosecution.)

Corrective rape: South Africa women attcked to 'cure' them of being lesbians | Mail Online South African men apparently think you can "cure" a lesbian by raping her. Authorities do nothing.

Gay couple: targets of hate crime at home - KWGN Lesbians want some more "special rights." In this case, they want to live in the suburbs. Even the HOA can't get things together.

Man suffers horrific burns after being set alight in pub beer garden | Mail Online Having a quite drink in a pub, and you get set on fire. By a stranger who doesn't like who you love.

Imagine wanting to be safe in school, or to know that the authorities would punish someone who attacked you. Imagine living in suburbia with no one spray-painting messages of hate on your garage door, or having a drink with friends without having your life endangered. Those gays sure do want some crazy "special rights."

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