Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chicago Police Misconduct Costs Millions

Chicago police wrongdoings to cost taxpayers $4 millionM Interesting look at the "professional" deportment of the Chicago PD.
The Finance Committee is routinely asked to approve multi-million-dollar pay-outs to victims of police brutality. But, seldom are aldermen asked to approve so many big-ticket settlements stemming from such egregious conduct on the same day, involving officers who were never punished for their actions.

That’s what happened Monday.
A woman who complained of chest pains was written off as "dope sick" instead of offered any treatment. Her death cost the taxpayer $2.02 million.

One guy was found dead in Chicago's central detention unit. By the time paramedics got to him, he was in full rigor. (That takes at LEAST two hours.) Other inmates said he had been screaming in pain for hours, and tried to get anyone's attention. That cost the city $1 million.
Ald. Willie Cochran (20th), a former Chicago Police officer, called the case “really disturbing.”

“I was the watch commander in Central detention for three years and part of the process is that supervisors, as well as detention aides, go and check the cells every 15 minutes,” Cochran said.
Why follow procedures? Why have an ounce of human decency? They aren't cops, they are only "little people." Can't be bothered.

And as the first quote points out, all the people responsible for all the death are still on the job. Probably still ignoring cries for help. Professionals.

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