Thursday, December 08, 2011

In That Place Where Great Britain Used To Be

You have to be in bad shape if you aren't qualified to stock shelves. Morrisons forced to retrain school-leavers - Telegraph ["School Leavers" is British for "Drop Out."]
Morrisons, Britain's fourth-biggest supermarket with 135,000 employees, found that many of its applicants in Salford, Greater Manchester, lacked even the basic skills needed to stack shelves and serve customers.

While some had a poor grasp of maths and English, others lacked simple skills such as turning up on time and making eye contact.

Norman Pickavance, the human resources director of Morrisons, said: "Many of the people were just not job ready. They lacked a lot of confidence and social skills. It is quite clear the education system has failed them.

"Whatever the environment has been at school, it has not been conducive to instilling basic skills. It is a crying shame."
If you can't stock shelves, you don't have many prospects.

Life on the Dole.

Some of these kids have no model for someone going to work. And the problem isn't getting better.
He said the main problem was school-leavers whose parents and grandparents who had never worked and lacked the aspiration to work.

Government figures show that in 2.5 per cent of households in north-west England, no adult has ever worked – the highest in the country after inner London.
People in England are found to not have a suitable grasp of the English language, and punctuality is unknown to many.

It's sad really. What do you do with a population who has no "aspiration" to work and make their lives better?


BobG said...

Maybe we could ship them some of our illegals? They can do the jobs that the British can't do.

Zendo Deb said...

They have their own "immigration" problem. They aren't exactly illegals, because the EU allows for free migration. One of the reasons that England is now having a problem with the English language.

Rich E said...

This started years ago - people defined themselves as a coal miner and when the mines closed they were put on the dole. Then their kids defined themselves as coal miners and were put on the dole and then the next generation. So no one worked and just got a hand out. Never had to worry about school because they were coal miners and would go on the dole.
What insanity