Sunday, December 04, 2011

The UK National Heath Service: Killing People?

IWF - On The Road To Liverpool
It seems that every year “thousands” of patients in the U.K. are put on the benignly-named “Liverpool Care Pathway,” but neither they nor their families are told. The Liverpool Care Pathway is--in fact--the withdrawal of care:
No food. No water. Sedate them so they can't request food or water. To give them a "good death" without "unnecessary and burdensome" care.
Unpack this: “unnecessary and burdensome” = expensive; “artificial hydration and nutrition” = hydration and nutrition delivered to patients who can no longer feed themselves; “good death”=dying of thirst.
Don't you just love the caring type of treatment known as socialized medicine?

Or as Tam said the other day,
Look, without getting into my usual rants about public education (in which I point out that the adjective "public" modifies the noun "school" the same way it does "transportation" or "restroom": serving as a warning that it is filthy and full of junkies and criminals
I think you can include Public Health Care in that list.

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