Sunday, January 22, 2012

People Need to Spend More Time at the Range

Three clean misses when shooting at your typical home invader is not all that unusual. Though I guess we aren't 100% sure that is the case here. Hyrum homeowner shoots toward intruder, search for man is unsuccessful - The Herald Journal: News
Robert Cisneros told deputies he fired three shots at the intruder and the man ran out of his house.

Deputies set up a perimeter around the home, and Logan police officers were asked to respond with a K-9 to assist in the search. However, Locke said they were unable to locate the suspect.

Locke said investigators found bullet holes in the door and shell casings outside of the home, but deputies do not know if the suspect was injured in the shooting.
They should look for the guy with the brown shorts. Who is running like a rabbit.

On the plus side, the good guys are safe, the bad guys are scared shitless, and the cops can't prosecute self-defense because of Utah's "Make my day law." Maybe the bad guy will realize that odds are good that if you break into homes you will eventually run into an armed homeowner.

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