Sunday, January 08, 2012

Public Schools or Public Transportation or Lord of the Flies?

The end of civilization? Maybe a harbinger. Seven juveniles beat a 13-year-old girl so badly on a school bus she was left unconscious and had to be taken to a hospital Friday morning |

Welcome to the school bus. It was her first day on the bus. The kids wouldn't let her sit down. (So why was the bus moving if not everyone was seated? But that isn't the point.)
The victim, a 13-year-old girl who has not been identified by law enforcement officials, was taken to a local hospital, where it was determined she had suffered a concussion, severe bruising on her head and muscle spasms.
"Lord of the Flies" was a description of what happens when kids find themselves bereft of adult supervision. They apparently don't actually have to be physically removed from the adults, if the adults refuse to do anything resembling parenting, or even crowd control. When the fight on the bus broke out for the 2nd time, the bus driver didn't intervene (bets on whether standard practice allows them to do anything that looks like intervention?) but drove to the school.

They act like savages. But I bet they all have high self-esteem.


BobG said...

Makes you wonder what kind of parents are raising animals like that.

Rich E said...

I was helping out at the local HS football game because my daughter is in the band. I was at the back entrance which has a sidewalk cut for emergency vehicle entrance. The emergency trucks are at the main entrance but the hospital is right across the street from the back entrance and so they like it clear in case they want to go right across via the back.

A football parent parked his truck across the entrance and when I asked that he move it he got belligerent. To the extent that I thought he was going to come over and hit me. So did the couple other volunteers that were there. He walked off but He is the one, with some friends, that are yelling at the players to stomp on the opposing team and that the couch is an A-hole who doesn't know anything.
We did ask the police later and they said to call them and they would ticket his truck.

But he is not the only one like that at any of these games.

Zendo Deb said...

The parents aren't "raising them." That would imply things like teaching them right from wrong, and instilling some values, and common courtesy.

Just like society isn't "intervening" when fights break out on a school bus because "intervening" would open them up to legal problems.

But they all have high self-esteem, you can bet on that. It is why they didn't think she was good enough to sit down.

As for the football parent, idiocy knows no age limits. I would have called the cops about his car. And hell, a ticket? How come no one has towing contracts anymore? (Look up the Lincoln Park Pirates - it isn't a baseball team - sometime.)