Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Sane Response to Censorship

A story I did not post about. About the censorship faced by the minority religions in this country. Mostly because the other posts on the subject had brought out the stupid in people. Missing the Forest for the Witches | Religion Dispatches

A small town called Salem had a librarian named Glenda. (See where the insanity begins?) They had blocked all internet access to minority religious sites.
In July 2010, Hunter attempted to use a library computer to research her Native American heritage. But the library had blocked every site she attempted to access. Glenda Wofford, director of the Salem Library, explained that Netsweeper, the library’s Internet filtering service, blocks all of these sites because they are categorized as “occult” and “criminal skills” sites.
Between them, these categories included almost all sites expressing positive or neutral views about Native American religion, Wicca, or new religious movements.
Wikipedia's page on Wicca? Verbotten. The Catholic Encyclopedia's page on Paganism? Perfectly OK.

The ACLU has gotten involved, of course. After the girl in question went to the library board to plead her case was basically laughed at. Freedom of Religion? It was never supposed to apply to "you people."

Of course another good question is, why this happened in the first place.
What's even more disturbing here is that something as central to a democratic society as which sites can be accessed in a public library have been outsourced to a foreign corporation.

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Anyway, the Sane part of the response came from Religious Dispatches.