Saturday, January 14, 2012

Slight Navigational Error?

People love cruise lines. Cruise disaster: three confirmed dead and 69 passengers still missing - Telegraph

Now the London Telegraph says that the ship hit a reef. CNN International says it hit a "sand bar." Sand bars due tend to move around, particularly if there was a storm, but reefs stay rooted in one spot.

Half the lifeboats were unavailable - if you click through and see the photo, you can see why; half the ship is under water.

Some people jumped into the water with the hopes of swimming to shore. I hope it wasn't too far, since water temperature in that area averages a little more than 57 degrees Fahrenheit this time of year. (You don't last long in water that cold.)

The photos from this morning show that the ship did not sink. It must have been tough to know what to do. Blackout conditions when the generators went down. Crew concerned they won't get a life raft. A few thousand crazy people, some of whom had probably had a bit too much to drink.

I just never saw the appeal of cruise ships. (If you want to gamble,. and drink and eat too much, and see various shows, go the Las Vegas. The machines and games are more honest than they are on the high seas.) And if something does go wrong, it tends to go wrong in a big way.

Can you guess that the next thing will be lawsuits? Carnival's stock was down on the news.

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