Monday, January 30, 2012

What He Said - Newt and His Gay-marriage=Paganism Rant

Wanted to take a swipe at Newt for his gay-marriage=paganism equation, but couldn't bring myself to. S'ok. Someone did a better job for me. Newt Gingrich's Views On Gay Marriage: My Reaction - New York News - La Daily Musto
Secondly, if marriage is such a sacred sacrament, why did you routinely make a cocky-doody all over it? Why did you break vows, cheat on wives, ask them to have open marriages (after you've already been having one for a while), and then trade them in for another wife?

Is marriage so wonderfully holy and blessed that you're going to keep doing it until you get it right?
Hell it wasn't that long ago that divorce was a no-no even when there was cause. Like abuse.

But today Newt can be on #3 (or is it 4?) but that is perfectly sanctified. I think Newt's bible has a thing or two to say about hypocrisy. And keeping vows. I'm sure there is a bit about lying in there as well.

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Eck! said...

I'm certain the response is something along the lines of..

Ah, do as I say, not as I do.