Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why Does the EPA Hate Diesels?

Sure the old diesels were a problem. Not so much with the new ones. Kia Rio review - Telegraph
The headline “eco” engine is a three-cylinder, 74bhp, 1.1-litre diesel, which achieves a remarkable 88mpg EU Combined consumption and CO2 emissions of 85g/km.
Granted, it is in a car that probably can't pass US crash tests, but maybe it can. (The Europeans are getting more serious about safety. They do care about fuel efficiency.)

But the EPA continues to insist that the high-efficiency diesels stay in Europe.


Graybeard said...

FWIW, I understand diesel is supposed to be higher in particulates (soot, basically) and that's a hard to solve problem.

The European turbo diesels get very good fuel economy and there's a lot of folks trying to get them imported here.

Ken O said...

Personally I believe it to be linked to the obvious attempts by the radical greens and this administration to malign fossil fuels in all forms, demonize all companies who profit from them and funnel tax money to their green initiative buddies. That overpriced firebomb Govenment Motors Volt pretty much looks like shit next to that Kia.