Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anthony Abbate Back in the News

The Chicago cop caught on tape beating a bartender because she thought he was drunk and wouldn't serve him more alcohol is being sued. (She wouldn't serve him because that is the law....) Judge: Jury will hear police 'code of silence' allegation in bar beating suit -

The Tribune has the video - again - of the beating.

One of the reasons this made so many people angry is that even though he was convicted of felony assault, he was only sentenced to 2 years probation. Hardly the same kind of treatment someone NOT in law enforcement would expect. With the beating caught on tape.

The suit seems to be at least in part how Chicago cops tried to bribe the witness/victim, the soft-pedal applied to the original crime, and a host of other things Chicago has been famous for.

Still, some justice is better than none. Abbate was fired from the Chicago Police Department.

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