Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is There a Dish Better Than Penne Campagnola?

Penne Campagnola - penne (of course), Italian sausage (sweet not hot), onions, bell peppers (red are most appealing, though green work fine) and crushed olives in a tomato sauce. (Of course Campanola SHOULD have mushrooms, but I much prefer crushed black olives. Not every store stocks them, keep looking.) Texas toast (garlic of course) and a Zinfandel round out the perfect meal. (This time the Zin is OK - nothing to write home about, but most wine can't stand up to tomato sauce anyway.)

Desert is waiting, but it may wait a long time.

This has to be the perfect Italian dish. Pasta. Tomatoes. Olives. Garlic bread.

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