Monday, February 13, 2012

The Things You Find Surfing the Web

This almost qualifies as quote of the day (or week). Some Parents in Queens Think Vaccinations Are Only for Heathen Children
Lawsuits filed last week in Queens Supreme Court by parents Fabian Mendoza-Vaca and Nicole Phillips have been transferred to Brooklyn Federal Court and could be resolved as early as next week in an emergency hearing where some secular-minded necromancer will hopefully raise Clarence Darrow from his grave so he can give everyone involved a proper finger-wagging.
Apparently some parents think that resorting to vaccines to protect their children from disease shows a lack of faith in God.

Somebody filed suit when his kids were sent home because they were un-vaccinated, and in danger. The parents don't want the kids protected from mumps or chicken pox. School policy to protect the kids if they could be exposed to an illness. That isn't right, according to the parents.

But the winning quote follows:
the real tragedy here is that not only are these kids being denied vaccinations because their parents believe that God's an unreasonable asshole, they're also being denied all the days off that their super religious upbringing should entitle them to.

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