Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Failed Restraining Order

It isn't clear why she wanted another court order, since one was it place. It is perfectly clear that court orders aren't worth the paper they are printed on. DA: Kazan Raoul Of Brooklyn Shot To Death Day After Seeking Another Restraining Order Against Ex Boyfriend Burnsley Bartholemy � CBS New York While she had a restraining order in place, she was found outside her apartment, shot in the head. Now there is no proof the ex-boyfriend is to blame, police consider him someone they would like to speak with. But what is a little interesting is that CBS in New York allowed a bit of the truth about court orders to leak through.
“An order of protection is just as valuable as toilet paper,” one woman said.

“Huh, they mean nothing, basically,” Keisha Jones added.

Defense attorney Harvey Soss told CBS 2′s Slattery orders of protection basically put the person so ordered on the honor system, with a penalty if he or she doesn’t obey it.

“They’re frequently not worth the paper they’re printed on,” Soss added. “If a bad guy is bent on violating it, he’s gonna do it.”
If you need a restraining order, you need a plan for your personal defense. In a place like New York where you access to the legal means of self-defense are limited, that can be a problem. A gun may not have saved this woman, but it is clear that the courts and the police could do nothing.

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