Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Courts Have Seen To It That He Can't Be Prosecuted

I was going to call this post, "If you break into enough homes... "Serial burglar shot by homeowner But it is even more insane than that.
Albuquerque Police Officers call Garcia a menace. "They release him back out into society and he continues to prey upon victims." says Commander William Roseman News 13 wanted to know why Garcia was not in jail and discovered he was ruled incompetent to stand trial this past December. With that ruling a judge ordered the dismissal of his three 2011 cases and ordered his release from jail.
He is expected to survive his wounds. So the courts won't lock him up, and have declared that he is free to commit burglary. They can't institutionalize him because he isn't violent. (Not a danger...)

What a wonderful world we live in.

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