Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grimm - Positive Spin on Armed Self-defense

I've mentioned that I really like the NBC show Grimm. It appears that it may be willing to back the idea of self-defense.

In the previous episode, Juliette, was taken hostage. It appears that part of the next episode will involve her gaining some knowledge of firearms. Very interesting... (Click image for a larger - though still fuzzy - view.)

I love this show, even though it isn't perfect. (The first season of a new show rarely is. The first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation is unwatchable.) I love it mostly because the Grimm's Fairy Tales have been so sugarcoated as to be unrecognizable. (Not all of them had happy endings - they were meant as warnings.) They are stuck a bit in the mode of "Monster of the Week," but that a lot of shows started out that way. And a lot of cop shows ran for years on "Mystery of the Week."

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BobG said...

I've quite enjoyed the series, myself.