Sunday, March 25, 2012

“There is no political will”

Maritime panelists frustrated over Somali pirate inaction - Connecticut Post We can spend years at war all over the place. We can have a "no-fly-zone" in Lybia (that apparently included keeping those tanks from flying. But we can't stop a problem that costs billions of dollars annually, so lives, and more heartache. I wish someone could tell me why.
There are people who have been captives for over two years under atrocious conditions.
But of course, aside from some film shot by Navy Seals, it mostly isn't a story that ends up on the news. No video. No story.

And so, because politicians love the "we have to do something" mantra, even if that "something" is nearly ineffective, NATO Extends Counter Piracy Operations Until 2014. Because they haven't even driven the number of attacks down - the number of successful attacks may be down marginally, if I find those numbers I will post them in the comments. (Be fair, the numbers in 2012 look good so far.)

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Ken O said...

I say we target the shithole Somali port that these assholes operate out of; assemble every bomb carrying plane available, from B52s to C130s with daisy cutters pushed out the back; load them with a mix of HE, WP and Napalm; then carpet bomb the shit out of the place. I mean The kind of destruction of a city that has not been seen since Rome salted Carthage. Then ask "Who's Next"? Yeah, there would be some collateral loss of mariners and vessels, but let's just kick their ass once and be done with it.