Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Latest Media Crazy Train - Solar Flares

I guess they ran out of things to say about radiation... or who knows, not having a TV I miss out on whatever the 24-hr cycle is obsessed with. Solar Flares - Can We Get A Grip? Probably not.
I assume that everyone saw last weeks' dire warnings about a pair of X-class flares and the hand wringing about all the damage they could do?
The one thing I saw was something like "the worst solar flares in 5 years." And that's scary because the world ended 5 years ago due to solar flares. Or maybe not.

Graybeard does a fine job of debunking all the insanity. So click through and read the whole thing. It isn't long.

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DirtCrashr said...

Maybe the Media-nimrods are trying a round-about means of recovering some of their lost credibility by tying warming trends back to the *sun* and sunspot activity... But that would require them to have a brain.