Saturday, March 03, 2012

Leap Day - Can't We Get it Right?

OK, we just had leap day. I understand that everyone is confused but it really ISN'T that hard.

We get a leap day in a year as follows:

Every year that is divisible by 4 has a leap day EXCEPT

they are not in years divisible by 100 EXCEPT

they are in years divisible by 400.

So 2012 is a leap year. 2000 was a leap year (divisible by 400). 1900 was not a leap year (divisible by 100 buy not by 400). I know, it won't matter again for 92 years (when 2100 will NOT be a leap year). But it isn't that hard. You would think that the many levels of fact-checking and... oh never mind.

OK, since it was a leap year, there are lots and lots of stories about Roman calendars and Caesar, and certain Popes in the 16th century. But I don't think I've seen one story that got it right. (And that doesn't even consider leap seconds.) END or RANT.

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