Saturday, March 10, 2012

Media Bias? What Media Bias?

Oh, that media bias. The anti-Israel bias.

So this is what the NYSlimes had to say. Israeli Airstrikes Kill Militants in Gaza -
Israeli airstrikes killed up to 10 Palestinians, most of them militants, in the Gaza Strip on Friday and early Saturday, and militants fired barrages of rockets at southern Israel in the worst cross-border fighting in months.
Makes is sound like those poor Palestinians were reacting, not acting.

Here is a slightly different twist on events. Iron Dome intercepts 3 rockets as barrage cont... JPost - Defense
The IAF struck three targets in Gaza overnight Friday in response to the rocket attacks from the Strip earlier in the day that left at least eight people injured.
Interesting turn of events there.

So why is it that the Western Mainstream Media always leads with Israel's reaction and almost never covers the on-going rocket attacks coming from Palestine. And don't even bother trying to find out who is paying for those rockets or where they are manufactured or how the components are shipped in. That doesn't qualify as news in the West.

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