Monday, March 05, 2012

A Restraining Order Cannot Protect You

If you need a restraining order, you need a plan for your personal safety. Shooter identified as Grapevine man, 57 | News | Grapevine Courier

She moved out January 2nd, filed for divorce on the 4th and was granted a temporary restraining order on the 12th. On Friday he was notified of the date of the final divorce hearing. On Saturday he shot her and her friend outside a restaurant, and then himself. He died at the scene, the 2 women he shot are alive, though one was seriously injured. (Police aren't saying who.)

A gun may not have prevented this, but it is clear that the system can't do anything.
"There's nothing we can do to prevent behavior like this," [police spokesman Sgt. Robert] Eberling said in reference to a shooting in a public area. "It would be different if this was a stranger randomly shooting at people, but it was just by chance that the shooter picked that parking lot."
Police are not your body guards. A restraining order is a piece of paper. If you are really in fear for your safety, you need a plan. This isn't blaming the victim; the only one to blame is dead by his own hand. It is just a realization that "The System" can't guarantee your safety.

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