Sunday, March 04, 2012

Would They Wait a Year to Charge You?

Or do cops get to play by a different set of rules? Cop Accused Of Calling In Fake Bar Fight To Escape DUI Arrest � CBS Chicago
the Niles officer stopped the off-duty Dailey for speeding and failing to stop at a red light, McCarthy said. The suburban officer suspected Dailey was intoxicated, officials said, and Dailey, who announced he was a Chicago Police officer, allegedly admitted he’d been out drinking.

The Niles officer then told Dailey he couldn’t stay behind the wheel and offered several options of how he could get home, McCarthy said.
None of which involved a ticket or arrest, I might add.

So Dailey (no relation to Daley) agreed to call a cab from a nearby hotel. But apparently that wasn't good enough for him.
Sean Dailey, 33, was apparently hoping the suburban officer who stopped him in the early morning hours of Nov. 5, 2010, would be asked to respond to the phony brawl at the Cheers bar on Oakton, prosecutors said.

The Niles officer did get called away, assistant state’s attorney Lynn McCarthy said. But en route, the officer’s colleagues relayed on police radio that there was never a fight, so he returned to Milwaukee Avenue where Dailey had been parked. However, Dailey, an 11-year police veteran, was nowhere to be found, McCarthy said
So. Driving under the influence. Speeding. Running a red light. A false 911 call. More driving under the influence. Did I miss anything?

For all of this they waited a year to charge him with anything, and then it was disorderly conduct. No explanation was given about the delay.

Oh, and 10 months after the 1st incident, he was arrested for another DUI. Blood alcohol level was .14; that's few cocktails. Chicago's Finest?

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