Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Canadian Suicide and the Myth of "Gun Deaths"

More equality among the sexes... Suicide rates rising among Canadian girls: study - Yahoo! News Where in 1980 boys and young men (ages 15 to 19) were almost 5 times more likely to commit suicide than girls of the same age, today the rates are at parity. Progress? Well, the rate of suicide in boys that age fell by more than half, but the rate among the girls nearly doubled.

Canadian suicide though a grim subject is interesting because of the contrasts between the methods used in Canada and those used in the US. (Click the images for larger views. Source)

While the US line is trending in the wrong direction, and the Canadian line seems like things are getting better, it is clear that the rates in both countries are nearly the same. For a good part of the past 10 years Canada has had the HIGHER rate.

But how can this be? Canada has all those gun laws. They are either "sensible" or "draconian" depending on your political view. but it hasn't made any difference in the suicide rates.

Well it turns out, that people don't commit suicide because they have access to firearms. When they decide to commit suicide, they turn to whatever means they have available. Be fair, do you really think that Canada should enact "rope control" to cut down on the "rope deaths" - that is hangings - in this statistic? (It would be "for the children.")

In the first story, one of the reasons girls and young women are committing more suicides, is that they have abandoned pills in favor of hanging, a much more lethal method.

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