Monday, April 23, 2012

Hate Crimes - You Won't Hear About All of Them in the News

Black on gay (white) hate crime? Not in the national news. Las Vegas police investigating possible hate crime on Strip -
The victim tells Action News that he and two friends were headed back to their car after leaving the nightclub. On their way, they passed two men, one of whom allegedly shouted a gay slur at the victim before punching him, knocking him to the ground.
You might hear about this second one, because it makes the military look bad. Marine Killed in Possible Hate Crime: Police say suspect, also a Marine, used homophobic slur during Barracks Row stabbing: News section: Metro Weekly
Upon arrival, police found the victim suffering from a stab wound. Information uncovered during the preliminary investigation indicated the victim and suspected assailant were engaged in a verbal altercation during which the suspect used an anti-gay epithet.
OK - everyone who hates gays, you can comment somewhere else about how Don't Ask Don't Tell was a good idea.

OK, this one you WON'T hear about in the mainstream press. Normal Police follow up on student beating, claim of hate crime
Eric Unger, 23 of Deerfield, was walking home from a party Saturday around 2:30 a.m. Assistant Chief Eric Klingele said Unger told officers he was jumped by six black men in the 100 block of west Willow. He said Unger couldn’t give a description of the men or where they went.

Klingele said at the time of the report, Unger didn’t claim it was a hate crime, but asserted that later. Unger told the Chicago Sun Times, the group was yelling anti gay slurs during the beating.
Wouldn't want to distract attention from Florida.

Here is another one you might hear about. A.J. Walkley: Command Sergeant Major Allegedly Assaults Lesbian Captain at Military Ball A little bit of prejudice in the military? They called the couple "an abomination." Now they want to claim it was a misunderstanding.
How can calling someone "an abomination" for their sexual identity be misconstrued?
The unit commander didn't want them to dance, because he didn't want publicity. Well he's got publicity now. (Though strangely, I can't find his name anywhere, just that the incident took place at the Calvary Squadron Ball. Hard to pin point from that.

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