Friday, April 27, 2012

How Wind Turbines Kill Bats

All that green energy. On a Wing and Low Air: The Surprising Way Wind Turbines Kill Bats: Scientific American
"As turbine height increases, bat deaths increase exponentially," says ecologist Erin Baerwald of the University of Calgary in Alberta, who led research into the deaths as part of her master's project. "What we found is a lot of internal hemorrhaging."
And this is a major problem. Folks don't appreciate how much bats do, and how far they travel.
The full impact of these bat-killing pressure zones extends far beyond the wind farm, however. Such migrating bats travel from Canada as far as Mexico, eating thousands of insects en route, including crop pests such as moths and beetles. "They are one of the only things that fly around at night and eat bugs," Baerwald notes. "Bats killed in Canada could have a detrimental impact in America or Mexico. It's not local. It's an ecosystem-wide issue."
But I thought wind and solar energy were supposed to save us. Where are the executives at Solyndra when we need them?

[Hat tip to Cynthia Yockey]

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Graybeard said...

Plus, they apparently cause climate change.

Are these things great or what?