Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A Shooting You Didn't Hear About... It Wasn't In a "Gun Free Zone"

There isn't anything simple about a self-defense shooting, but this looks pretty straight-forward. Sheriff: Intruder killed in North Bend likely intoxicated | Seattle Times Newspaper

He made a ruckus at a gas station. They called 911.

He tried to get into a home. (Pounding on doors and windows.) They called 911.

He threw a propane tank through a window at a second house. That owner barricaded himself and his girlfriend in a what sounds like the master suite (bedroom and bathroom) and called 911. When this home invader finally broke into the bedroom, he got shot.
While the King County Medical Examiner’s Office has not released the results of a toxicology analysis of the suspect’s bloodstream, [Interim King County Sheriff Steve] Strachan said that the man’s friends told deputies that he had been drinking heavily that night while they were out at a bar. The friends also said that the man had been using cocaine, Strachan said.
I guess doing drugs really is bad for your health.
The last thing he wanted to do is use force,” Strachan said about the homeowner. He said that the homeowner and his girlfriend are devestated and refuse to return to the home.
I am sure it is also a tragedy for the dead guy's family, and much will be made - though not in the national media - that he had a history of mental illness. But the bottom line is, he invaded a home and threatened the occupants. The result is only what's to be expected in a case like this.

What would you have done under those circumstances?

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Phillip said...

Personally, I'd have shot after the propane tank came through my window. There's really nothing good that can come of someone forcibly entering your house, and it's important to use enough violence quickly enough to make it effective. Of course, I have kids in one room and a friend who rents the third bedroom, so just staying in my bedroom when there's an intruder isn't an option.

What's nice is that I know my wife would be right behind me with another gun.

So yeah, I can't say the homeowner did anything wrong, if the two of them were the only ones in the house. I feel sorry for him because it's a terrible thing to have to kill a man, and something you never really get over. Plus, he'll never really feel safe again, because he now has first hand experience how fast things can go downhill.

I also feel sorry for the family of the intruder, because even if he was a real scumbucket, someone loved him and misses him today. One of the takeaways that I always get when I see a "He was drunk/on drugs/crazy/confused/didn't know what he was doing" story is that you should strive never to lose control of your actions, because they can have extremely long lived consequences.