Monday, April 23, 2012

Stupid Criminals Don't Know About GPS in Cell Phones?

Cell phones contain GPS. Police can use the GPS to track the phones. (Does this remind of Big Brother? Big Brother never had it so good.) In this case they used the GPS to track the kid whole stole some phones. Teen tracked by GPS, arrested after theft of iPhones from kids in West Rogers Park on North Side - Chicago Tribune
A Rogers Park District sergeant was able to find where the 17-year-old was after using a tracking system in at least one of the phones, police said.
So is it a good thing or a bad thing that the cops can track cell-phones? In this case it is probably good. In general, it is too much like the capabilities in "1984."


Tammy said...

I think that it is great that cellphones can be tracked. If my daughter disappears I would like to know that at least we have a shop at tracking her. I do not have a guilty concience, so I do not mind that I can be tracked.

Patrick Henry said...

My brother was walking home when he got pulled over by the cops looking for a stolen cell phone that was in the general area. Given the accuracy and population density he was one of several hundred possible suspects, but he was the one easily seen walking down the street so they detained him for half an hour. He refused to let him search his bag, one cop couldn't understand why he wouldn't consent and why he couldn't search. They had six cops standing around for that half hour, eventually one of them figured out to see where the phone was and it had a new location. The cost of their search exceeded the value of the phone...and that's not counting the escalation of the police state and the waste of my brother's time.

Zendo Deb said...

I'm glad your brother didn't consent. Cops need to LEARN that the constitution applies to them.

They can't search anyone they want.

They can't track us for no reason.

They should know, but they don't. Cops from all over America decided that the 2nd Amendment didn't apply after Katrina. No questioning. The sheriff said-so, so that is the law.

And even after a week I don't know how to respond to Tammy. If you don't have a guilty conscience you shouldn't mind living in a police state. But of course with the number of federal laws, you are probably guilty of something....