Tuesday, September 28, 2004

What guns does Kerry Own?

Posse Incitatus is again covering the Kerry interview with Outdoor Life.

Kerry did not own a Chinese assault rifle, as he was quoted as saying in Outdoor Life magazine, but a single-bolt-action military rifle

But what is the real answer? Many people shipped home many things in foot lockers at the end of a tour in Vietnam. Does he own a Chinese-made assault rifle or not? Let's see it. Since he only owns 2 - I guess he did not accept the union-gift-shotgun - this shouldn't be too hard. Or does he not want to show us, as he really has a Kalashnikov picked up during his time in Vietnam?

As the Posse says "If the man can't even give an honest answer on a simple survey, how the hell can we trust him on matters relating to national security?"

Hurricane Jeanne has created some outages

Brief interuption to service has been caused by Hurricane Jeanne. Things are slowly getting back to normal and TFS Magnum will get back to the business of defending the Second Amendment.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

How long before help arrives?

How long does it take the police to reach you in an emergency? How long do you think it would take an intruder to reach you? Image by Oleg Volk at A Human Right Posted by Hello

Log Cabin Republicans - Gay First

Can you be Republican and Gay? I think being a conservative gay puts you more in the Libertarian camp. Libertarians are less interested in "social engineering" than either the Republicans - who seem to want to make everyone into evangelical Christians - or Democrats - who want to treat gays as vicitms, and institute a nanny state.
Independent Gay Forum: Carpenter, Dale. 'Gay First, Republican Second.' LCR's endorsement of Bush in 2000 made sense from a gay-rights perspective, even though Bush was objectively worse than Al Gore on gay issues. Bush had publicly met with gay Republicans, the first time a GOP presidential nominee had ever done so, and had pronounced himself a “better man” for having met them. He was making progress.

LCR's non-endorsement of Bush this year makes sense. Bush has taken a giant leap backward by actively supporting an amendment that is qualitatively more deadly to gay equality than anything any president has ever supported. It's a completely unnecessary and unforgivable betrayal of basic constitutional values.
If you believe in small government, that the government should have only enough control over our personal lives to ensure the peace, if you believe that the many agencies not authorized by the constitution should be eliminated, and that the Bill of Rights should be restored, then there is no place for you in either of the 2 major parties.

But there is hope for the Libertarian Party. Organized in all 50 states, "The LP now has more than 600 office holders."

Gee, you think?

The Corner on National Review Online: "THE DHIMMI NATION: [Rod Dreher]
You really can't make this up. According to The Guardian: The Church of England said yesterday that police counter-terrorism operations were directed disproportionately against Muslims and risked alienating them.

Tomorrow: the Church of England discovers that Eskimos suffer disproportionately from cold weather.
Let's not upset anyone....
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Friday, September 24, 2004

Political Correctness Run Amok

The left now wants to claim that even looking at a picture of gun will cause violence....
The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News - 24-Sep-04 - Londonderry school photo may lead to suit

A Londonderry High School senior may wind up suing the district after the administration denied his request to use a picture with a trapshooting gun on his shoulder as his yearbook photo

“That’s irrational, there’s no reasoning or thought behind it,” ... “Some schools have trapshooting as part of the curriculum.”
No one is threatening anyone, nothing illegal is being depicted, but the idea that the picture of gun might cross onto the school grounds is scary to these people. Your picture can show your interests, so long as your interests are politically correct. So much for First Amendment rights.

Fasten Your Seat Belts

A Small Victory's characterization of the Kerry Campaign as a beat-up Ford Pinto is too true to pass up.
A Small Victory - Kerry's Exploding Fuel Tank

Yesterday, the gang that couldn't campaign straight hit a pothole of major proportions. Thing is, they didn't see it for what it was. The view from their car is, shall we say, skewed. The deep pit looming ahead appeared to be a pit stop; a place where they could get out of the car, stretch their legs and get a little repair work done. They would then use this pit stop to pick up more of those undecided passengers, as well as rally the crowd already in the car.

This pothole has a name: Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi.

Real Home Security

In the interests of truth, honesty, blah blah ... I have to confess that this is not my 357, but it's the thought that counts. Image by A Human Right

The Preferred Home Security System! 357 Magnum and semi-jacketed hollow point bullets.
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Freedom of Choice

Why is one set rights more important than another in some peoples minds? Image from A Human Right Posted by Hello

Has the Media Learned Anything?

Is this supposed to be an apology? Cincinnati Post says it has learned some lessons...

The Post's editorial page was embarrassed by this, in as much as we published an editorial Sept. 13 asserting that the CBS report did not reflect well on Bush and that it provided ammunition to those who say "the evidence is mounting about his character flaws.'' We compounded the damage by failing to note that questions about the authenticity of the CBS documents had been raised.\

What really happened is they couldn't wait to jump on the "Let's Attack Bush" train, and were then horrified to find out it was about to derail. And they can't admit they have just as much lean to the left as the rest of the mainstream media. They go to say that "the entire news industry" will end up with a black eye. No, only that very large percentage of the industry that rushed to judgment, and then hoped beyond hope that the Mighty Media could stand up the bloggers of the world. After all who would think that a bunch technically-minded political junkies would include experts on typefaces, typewriters, military jargon, the law, ... But wait, bloggers are just a cross section of the population - with a noticeable exception being journalists apparently.

To all the journalists: Get a clue. The game has changed, and you aren't making the rules anymore. If you don't know where to look for a clue, try the Cluetrain.

Biased Media Bias Survey

Just finished the Polling Point 2004 Media Bias Survey. What a crock of dung. It has been a long time since I took a statistics class or read anything about a survey design, but this seems to be built for the express purpose of defending Danny Boy from Memogate. When you surround Dan (and his ilk) with Rush and Hannity and Frankin - who really make no attempt to be anything but partisan, of course Dan and Co. will come out smelling like a rose.

Heinz Kerry doesn't want tax cut

The Business Journal of Phoenix (via Drudge) reports Teresa doesn't want her tax cut. Heinz Kerry Embarassed by Tax Cut
She said she was embarrassed to receive tax cuts advocated by Bush and supports her husband's efforts to roll them back for higher incomes and use those funds for education, health care and deficit reduction.
Well then, she should give it up. I am sure there is somewhere in the Treasury Dept. she could send the funds. Failing that she could give the money to her favorote chariity.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Straight Shooting about Gun Laws

The end of the so-called Assault Weapons Ban has seen more spin coming out of the left, than you can shake a stick at. The media has been bemoaning the fact that we will soon see automatic weapons everywhere. Of course, the Clinton gun ban didn't touch on automatic weapons at all. These are covered (present tense) by the National Firearms Act of 1934 - which is still in place.

I hope this will be a blogging clearing house for the real deal about this and other lies of the left.

Zendo Deb - 357 Magnum owner