Saturday, September 25, 2004

Log Cabin Republicans - Gay First

Can you be Republican and Gay? I think being a conservative gay puts you more in the Libertarian camp. Libertarians are less interested in "social engineering" than either the Republicans - who seem to want to make everyone into evangelical Christians - or Democrats - who want to treat gays as vicitms, and institute a nanny state.
Independent Gay Forum: Carpenter, Dale. 'Gay First, Republican Second.' LCR's endorsement of Bush in 2000 made sense from a gay-rights perspective, even though Bush was objectively worse than Al Gore on gay issues. Bush had publicly met with gay Republicans, the first time a GOP presidential nominee had ever done so, and had pronounced himself a “better man” for having met them. He was making progress.

LCR's non-endorsement of Bush this year makes sense. Bush has taken a giant leap backward by actively supporting an amendment that is qualitatively more deadly to gay equality than anything any president has ever supported. It's a completely unnecessary and unforgivable betrayal of basic constitutional values.
If you believe in small government, that the government should have only enough control over our personal lives to ensure the peace, if you believe that the many agencies not authorized by the constitution should be eliminated, and that the Bill of Rights should be restored, then there is no place for you in either of the 2 major parties.

But there is hope for the Libertarian Party. Organized in all 50 states, "The LP now has more than 600 office holders."

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