Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Attacks on Dr. Rice from the left turn nasty

The left has never liked Dr. Rice, and with her nomination as Secretary of State the attacks on her have turned vicious. (I have noted elsewhere what happens when a minority steps out of role allocated by the left - that role is usually victim.)

Several Cartoons have been posted that are insulting - not so bad in its own right, the left is insulting everyone on the right these days (I can't decide if I am "gay hating" or "self-loathing" - I'm sure Michael Moore-on will explain it too me). But several of the attacks are racist. One in particular, by Jeff Danziger, is very offensive - granted this is not the most current cartoon, but it is probably the most offensive.

Since there was no outcry from the left with Danzinger's attack, the current batch will probably go by without comment. I wonder what the MSM would be doing if the shoe were on the other foot and it was Dem being attacked?

It has to really make the left angry. The President that they hate - even more than they hated Reagan it seems - is the first to appoint an African-American Secretary of State, and now the first to appoint an African-American woman as Secretary of State. Clinton didn't .... and yet Bush is the racist.

Update: Check out the Democracy Project for a complete list of offensive cartoons. Thanks to QOAE

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