Thursday, November 25, 2004

Blame The Shooter Blame The Shooter, Not The Gun Or Hmong, In Deaths: "Six people from the Rice Lake area are dead and two are wounded, and police believe it's because a St. Paul, Minn., deer hunter took umbrage when told he was trespassing on private land."

The conclusion of this article is the correct one: Blame the Shooter, Not the Gun and Not a whole race of people.

The gun did not cause Vang (the shooter) to chase after people and shoot them in the back. The gun did not lure Vang onto private property or into someone else's tree stand. The gun is not responsible for these acts; it is an inanimate piece of machinery. These are the acts of an individual.

The entire Hmong immigrant population is not to blame. Trying to do so is the worst type of prejudice. Judging an entire race of people by the actions of one member is wrong.
But there is one factor that is relevant, I think. It's that, in St. Paul, Vang previously caused a gun disturbance. Police say he brandished a handgun during a family dispute three years ago and that he was involved in other family disturbance calls. No charges were filed in connection with the incidents.

Yet he had a rifle and he had a valid hunting license.
I don't know if the incident in question justified restricting Vang's 2nd Amendment rights or not, but I do know that he is to blame, and no one or nothing else is at fault. (Yeah, I know, innocent until proven guilty...)

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