Saturday, November 06, 2004

Brits want to be able to defend themselves

The London Telegraph says The people have spoken:
As our poll today shows, an overwhelming majority of people believe that the current law is completely inadequate. They believe that householders should have the unqualified right to use force against an intruder in their homes.
They are fighting for the right to defend themselves. Today they are limited to "reasonable force." What's that? Well, you won't know till the criminal justice system gets involved. And you will probably be convicted of crime and sued for damages by your "victim" - the criminal you defended yourself against.

A poll (what else) was taken on the subject. The results:
The ICM poll shows that 71 per cent of voters believe that householders should have the "unqualified right to use force, including deadly force if necessary" - against burglars. The wording of the survey question mirrors legislation, introduced in the state of Oklahoma in 1988 and known as the "Make my Day Law", which has halved burglaries.

An even greater proportion of those surveyed - 81 per cent - say that intruders should lose the right to sue for anything that the householder does in self-defence.
That is a fairly overwhelming majority.

It would be nice if governments could eliminate violence from society. But, as the Telegraph says, that is fantasy. "[I]t is the politics of folly to base the criminal law on that fantastic supposition."
The people of Britain wish to live in a less violent society, and one in which the weak have some protection against the violence of the strong. Changing the law on self-defence is an essential step in producing that result.
I predict that you won't see much of this discussed by the MSM. After all, England is one of the gun-free Euro utopias they worship.

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