Saturday, November 13, 2004

Chicago Tribune has a pro-gun article?

It has been a long time since I read the Trib regularly, so maybe this isn't really much of a surprise. Chicago Tribune | Aiming to change image is a fairly positive article on gun ownership and concealed carry, detailing the celebration of the tenth anniversary of Arizona's law.
Only five states, Illinois among them, prohibit private citizens from carrying concealed weapons. In 11 others, police may deny permits based on their discretion. The other 34 states, like Arizona, allow any law-abiding citizen to obtain permission to carry a concealed weapon, although usually a background check and a gun-safety course are required. Pro-gun activists would like to see concealed weapons allowed without restriction nationwide.

Proponents contend that concealed weapons make communities safer by introducing the element of doubt: Criminals never know whether a potential victim might have a pistol up his sleeve. The laws also empower private citizens to protect themselves and others from harm. And the required training impresses upon gun owners just how carefully they must decide whether to draw their weapons.
They did include a comment from some gun-control group, but overall the piece was very positive. Good job Tribune.

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