Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Declaration of Independence Banned in CA School

School Bars Declaration Of Independence - November 24, 2004 (via Drudge) A California school district has banned the Declaration of Independence, and any other documents from our history that reference God or Providence.
NOVEMBER 24--A California teacher who teaches his fifth-grade students with the aid of primary source documents like the Declaration of Independence has been ordered by school administrators to stop using such artifacts of American history because the material contains references to God.
This is not teaching religion in school, this is teaching history. The lefties over on the left coast may not like it, but this country was founded by people of faith. Oh, and there were no women signing the Declaration in 1776.

These are historic facts. You may not like them, or the reasons behind them, but they are facts. The left is not interested in education, they are interested only in indoctrination.

Not only the Declaration is on the black list,
various state constitutions, George Washington's journal, John Adams's diary, and writings by William Penn. Williams alleges that the San Francisco-area school's principal, Patricia Vidmar, banned the use of these handouts because "many original source documents from the founding era contain references to God and Christianity."

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