Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Free Speech means Freedom to be Insulting

Beautiful Atrocities and the SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF BELGIUM: Freedom is under attack in Europe, and from a surprising quarter.
In a shocking bureaucratic coup d'etat, a court of socialist commissars in Brussels outlawed Belgium's largest conservative political party, the Vlaams Blok, declaring it a criminal organization guilty of politically incorrect thought crimes. The ruling effectively ends democracy in EU paradise Belgium, & is a boost for Islamists, since the Vlaams Blok was the only party addressing Belgium's immigration nightmare.
This is only the most recent occurrence of this type. Free speech is under attack all over Europe - under the guise of political correctness. It is better to give up rights than to have arguments we are told.
The court ruled that VB texts - including official statistics on crime rates, welfare expenditures, & a paper on the position of women in Islam - carried 'an intention to contribute to a campaign of hatred.' Under Belgium's tyranny of political correctness, any party member could now be hauled before the court & fined or imprisoned.
Of course this standard isn't applied to the oppressed minorities - in this case Isalmo-fascists.
No action was taken against Belgium's Arab-European League, whose leader Dyab Abou Jahjah recently declared that the death of every Dutch soldier in Iraq was a victory, whose party calls assimilation cultural rape, & demands Islamic schools, bilingual Arab education, & hiring quotas.
This doesn't qualify as hate speech? Europe needs to wake up to the fact that freedom of speech means that I am free to insult you and you are free to insult me. ('Sticks and Stones' remember?) [Thanks to Watcher of Weasels]

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