Thursday, November 18, 2004

How I learned to love firearms.

Slate magazine has a good article about learning to handle firearms. Guinea Get Your Gun - How I learned to love firearms. By Emily Yoffe:
Two weeks ago I was so ignorant about firearms that I thought shotguns discharged bullets and I didn't know the difference between a revolver and a semiautomatic.
We could have hoped for more, but as she was plainly hoping to stay clear of politics, Ms. Yoffe did a nice job of keeping the article positive. I think it helped that she actually had a good time learning to shoot.

She stated that it was not easy find an instructor, but then she said she found someone on the NRA website. The NRA site is confusing (especially if you start with not Google turns up the as the first choice. Anyone at the NRA, can you fix this?) Still, it should not be difficult to find training. In DC where there are no gun stores, with people who might know, it is probably harder than in most areas. But if someone out there wants to learn, it should be easy to find someone who is both willing and qualified to teach.

UPDATE: Listen to the NPR report (No, really, it's OK to listen to NPR, and this is a good report.)

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