Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ink Well: the rewriting of history in Maryland

Independent Women's Forum Blog reports on the insanity in Maryland schools. Teaching about the Pilgrims without discussing god. Political Correctness run amok.
When teachers in the state of Maryland inform their pupils about Thanksgiving, they aren’t allowed to mention the fact that it has something to do with thanking God.

Nope, God is off the turkey table in Maryland schools, where students are free to thank just about anyone except the deity in celebrating Thanksgiving.
Whatever you think of the Pilgrims - and they did some fairly awful things - they were in North America because of religious persecution. This is traditionally the opening to discuss religious freedom, which is a cornerstone of American society. But the schools in Maryland don't need to talk about religious freedom - after all, then they would have to talk about religion. And the well-meaning lefties don't want any religion discussed.

I wonder what they do if they teach about the conflict in Ireland, or the conflict in Bosnia, or the Inquisition, or the Pogroms, or the Holocaust, or the conflict in Israel, or the events of 9/11? Do they leave religion out of it?

Religion informs society. It always has and it probably always will. (The things we go on vacation to see, are typically things built by religions, things like pyramids, and cathedrals.) Trying to expunge any mention of religion from public life - and especially from a history class - strikes me as more than just stupid.

Was it "1984" or a "Brave New World" that had the Ministry of Truth, which rewrote history? And which are we living in Maryland?

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