Tuesday, November 23, 2004

November 12: International Dead Terrorist Day

Harvey, over at the Alliance of Free Blogs (Instapundo Delenda Est), has decided that since Arafat died on the 11th and was buried on the 12th (and seeing how the 11th is already a holiday), that Nov. 12th should be designated "International Dead Terrorist Day." Here's my suggestion as to how to celebrate.
  1. Have an old-fashioned pig-roast. My grandfather and his cronies did this to celebrate. Roast the whole pig. (Apple in the mouth is optional.) Not only is it good, it is forbidden by the Koran.
  2. Drink large quantities of beer. Also forbidden by the Koran.
  3. Consume large amounts of potato salad. As far as I know, this is not forbidden by the Koran, but I love potato salad (the kind with the mustard is best!).
How will you celebrate?

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