Sunday, November 14, 2004

Red & Blue Divide

Othodox & Hetrodox in Red State, Blue State, Me State, You State has an interesting take on the Red/Blue divide and talk of secession.

If they do split away, I think those of us in the Red states should agree to some ground rules.
  1. We won't take your gargbage - fill in a city park, and start doing a better job of recycling.
  2. We won't build anymore power plants to power your cities, and the cost of electricy is going up to cover the true cost to the communities where the plants are located.
  3. We have to sell you food - but since I hope you fall to the bottom of the "least favored nations" list, I hope the tarrifs are high.
  4. If central and eastern California stay with the Red, I think the central valley should charge LA a great deal for any water that gets through.
And I hope either Mexico or Canada builds an LA-size port to handle freight, since we have a free trade agreement with them, (and you hate free trade) and we will need to replace our use of LA with non-blue port facilities.

Also check out Iowahawk's report on a distrubing trend among blue-state youth. (Finsh your beverage first.)

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