Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Set Phasers on Stun? Almost - IDF non-leathal weapons

The London Telegraph reports that Israel to stun rioters into submission with 'shouting' gun. Developed for use in populated areas, and a replacement for the sometimes lethal rubber bullet, the Shout is the new crowd control weapon of choice.
"'The Shout produces an intolerable sound, which either completely neutralises the subject or drives the person to escape the scene,' said an official from the IDF, which has just withdrawn its forces from Gaza after a two-week effort to stop rocket attacks on Israeli settlers"
Whenever new technology is introduced, some group will wring their collective hands and claim that this will lead to the end of civilization as we know it. (Look at the writing that accompanied the adoption of the table fork.)Is this a good thing? (Non-lethal weapons for dispersing rioters) Or a bad thing? (weapons that can be used on protesters indiscriminately) Neither - tools are not good or bad in and of themselves. Only our use of the tools has value. Use your car to drive you kids to school - good thing. Use your car to run over and kill your cheating spouse - bad thing. It is not the car that's going to jail.

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