Monday, November 15, 2004

The Shooting Sports

The New York Times has a positive article on the shooting sports? A Blood Sport Skips the Blood but Scales Up the Bang is a very nice treatment of the shooting sports in general and of sporting clays in particular. Why they put it in the business section is anyone's guess. (They do talk about cost, but it should still be somewhere else.)
IT may come as a rude shock to fans of traditional country club sports, but more Americans take part in sports involving guns than play tennis and golf combined.


According to organizations that track sports popularity, more than 40 million Americans participate at least once a year in hunting or recreational shooting. By comparison, 26 million people play golf and 9.6 million people play tennis at least once a year. Gary Mehalik, a spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said that 23 million people are target shooters and estimates that 9 million of them take part in sporting clays.
The other shooting sports include hunting, of course, and skeet and trap, and cowboy action shooting - none of which they cover. Do you think the NYT has seen the light, or is it just trying to change its image? Thanks to KABA.

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