Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Statrix: In Defense of Voter Apathy

The Statrix has an interesting take on Voter Apathy:
I view voter apathy as a healthy sign that most Americans, whether they articulate it or not, see the sham for what it is. Regardless of which party has held office for the past 80 years (.xls file), federal spending has steadily increased. The two major parties do not disagree on whether to loot the populace, only on how to divide their plunder.
I view voter apathy as stemming from the lack of choice you get in most elections. Some congressmen run unopposed, but even when there is a choice it is offen between two evils. Why should I vote if there is no real choice?

The recent election did not suffer so much from apathy, getting good turnout across the country. I believe this stems from there being a real choice between the 2 parties this year. I am not sure I know anyone without strong opinions regarding Kerry and Bush. Most saw real choice, and the result was good voter turn out. But a lot of people still stayed home on election day, and with absentee and early voting, it was easier than ever to participate.

As the Satrix points out, "[I]f we do not vote at all, we have consented to the outcome of the process whatever it may be."

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