Monday, November 15, 2004

The Sunday Telegraph Letters cover home defense

The Sunday Telegraph Letters contain a couple of letters dealing with the issue of home defense. The first is a proposed change to the law. I prefer the second, by John Dawson, which is an attack on the standard government-employee-think that seems to have taken over UK police departments. Here it is in part:
I would like to congratulate Paul Stephenson, the Chief Constable of Lancashire, on probably the most crass remark to emanate from a senior police officer so far this century when he said of your ICM opinion poll: 'We will consider the survey to establish how its findings can help us to understand people's fear of crime.'

Perhaps someone could point out to him that it is not his job to understand the fear of the victims but to catch the criminals. Better he should spend his time (generously paid for by us) considering how to achieve this end.

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