Saturday, November 20, 2004

Watching the Weasels

The Watcher's Council over at Watcher of Weasels has a weekly round-up of blogs which is always worth a look.

This week's Watcher' Council (and non-Council) posts contain some good work. (The voting is here.)

This week's winning Council post comes from Aaron's Rantblog, and covers the vast amount of nonsense Islam forces women to deal with - from dress code to driving (or not driving) to honor killings. Take a look, and then tell me I only being "culturally insensitive" when I say this stuff has to change.

Iowahawk has a funny slam against blue-state culture, that is also worth a look.

This weeks non-Council winner is a hilarious slap at the whining left from Cold Fury. It details all of their worst and most ludicrous fears for four more years of Bush & Co, and the insistence that they don't really believe any of it.
Because if you did, you wouldn’t be talking about it. You wouldn’t be writing whiny letters to the editor; you wouldn’t be fearfully mincing down to the Canadian Consulate to half-seriously inquire about moving; you wouldn’t be sitting in coffee houses denouncing the moronic inhabitants of Jesusland with your fellow smug, self-satisfied pseudo-hip doofuses. You’d be gearing up and arming yourselves for the fight of your lives. And much to your surprise, you’d have a lot of us over here on the right offering to help load mags.
Or as Cold Fury asks, "Watcha Gonna Do?" Definitely worth the time.

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