Saturday, November 13, 2004

We need to help one another

Clayton Cramer is reminded of the Kitty Genovese murder by this report from Fox News
CORONA, Calif. — Two men were caught on a mall's security camera as they chased a woman through a parking structure, then grabbed and stuffed her into the trunk of a car.

Nearby shoppers seemed to notice the apparent abduction, but none attempted to stop it.
We need to overcome this attitude of "I can't do anything," or "I don't want to get involved," if we are to survive. All someone needed to do would have been to call 911 on a cell phone or take down a license plate number. At least the police would have a chance of knowing what happened. As it is, there are no leads.

Is your rush to get back to office more important than someone's life? Wouldn't you want someone to do something if was you attacked at random (as Kitty Genovese was)?

If you aren't familiar with the Genovese story, see the link above - 38 people stood by and did nothing while a woman was killed. If one person had called the police, it might have made the difference. If 2 people had gone outside with baseball bats it would have made a difference. (Guns being mostly illegal in NY, only the criminals have them.)

Staying out of it, not getting involved is NOT a way to stay safe. It only encourages more crime. I believe that civilizations exist mostly to protect the weak from the strong - to combat the might=right doctrine. And while we have employed police forces to do the heavy lifting in this area, they cannot be everywhere. They cannot be on every street corner where a mugging may occur, or in every parking structure where a kidnapping may take place. Those of us who are there have to do something - as simple as call 911 - if we want to live in relative safety.

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