Monday, November 08, 2004

Why Vote for Bush? The 2nd Amendment

Since this is a second amendment site, I guess I should go to the trouble to point out that George Bush is a better friend to the second amendment than John Kerry. Is he perfect? No.

Who are their friends, and who are their enemies?

Bush is not popular with the Brady Bunch. Kerry is not popular with the Gun Owners of America.

Bush is popular with the NRA.

The Gun Owners of America article covers Kerry's voting record. He voted for every piece of gun control legislation he could, he voted to restrict hunting at several points. Then he dressed in camo and went hunting (for votes) in Ohio. That was a lie, and a fairly transparent lie. It was only slightly less ridiculous than Dukakis in a tank. As the NRA said, That Dog Don't Hunt!

If you are confused about why the 2nd Amendment is important, see what is going on in Britain, or the results of limiting law-abiding citizens' rights.

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