Wednesday, November 17, 2004

You can run, but you can't hide

The London Times Online has a story on the use of reconnaissance drones to hunt and kill terrorists in Fallujah.
[The terrorists] stumbled out into the street, formed a ragged line and started off on the marathon to postpone their deaths, the drone dogging their every step.
I was most struck by a section on an American sniper:
[I]ncreasingly, as they run they are coming into the crosshairs of American snipers, crackshots such as Sergeant Marc Veen and his long-barrelled rifle, Lucille. Yesterday morning he spotted a black- clad man with an AK47 assault rifle peering round a corner 500 yards from the villa where Cougar Company of the Seventh Cavalry has set up a forward base.

He shot the man in the stomach: he fell, but kept crawling, so Sergeant Veen shot him again in the shoulder. Still the man tried to move away, so the sergeant blasted him with his 50-calibre machinegun.

“There’s pretty much no feeling,” the 24-year-old from Chicago explained, perched on the parapet of the house, the shell of the killer bullet tucked as a trophy into his flak jacket. “If I didn’t get that guy, that guy would get one of my buddies some time later.”
Hat tip to the Smallest Minority.

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