Wednesday, December 22, 2004

79 year old homeowner kills intruder - Homeowner shoots, kills intruder in Aldine. In Chicago, and D.C. this elderly man would be defenseless. (And in San Francisco if the powers of the left have their way.)
The intruder, Robert Hinojosa, 19, of the 200 block of Gulf Bank, was shot one time in the abdomen and died later at Ben Taub Hospital, investigators said.
Why does the mayor of Chicago feel this old man should be defenseless? Why does the City of San Francisco? Would the world be a better place today if Hinojosa was still alive and this elderly gentleman dead or injured in an assault?

They say we would be better off if no one had guns. But how is a 79 year old man supposed to defend himself against a 19 year old hoodlum without a firearm? (h/t Civilian Gun Defense Blog)

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