Thursday, December 09, 2004

Accidental gun deaths

Keep and Bear Arms has an article stating that accidental gun deaths are at an all time low. Since this is a news release from a firearms-industy news group, I was sure that many of the "gentle readers" on the left would have a hissy-fit.

Unfortunately, you have buy National Safety Council statistics, so I can't link to their site for the real deal, but here is sample of what's around the web. Given the time of year, the stories are of hunting safety.

The L.A. Daily News reports,
Hunting safer than golf? Despite the recent incident in rural Wisconsin, when a deer hunter allegedly killed other hunters in a dispute over access, hunting remains one of the safest sports, according to data from the National Safety Council and other sources.

Accidental hunting fatalities due to firearms are at their lowest levels in history. In the past 10 years, the rate has declined by 50 percent. ...

Data from the National Safety Council shows out of every 100,000 football players, 2,369 were injured or killed in 2001 compared to only six out of 100,000 hunters in all of North America, according to the International Hunter Education Association.
The Detroit Free Press reports the following.
In 2002, the last year for which the shooting federation has figures, 17.9 million people went hunting more than once, and 850 of them suffered injuries from weapons that required hospital emergency room treatment. Eighty-nine of those injuries were fatal.

That's a national injury rate of rate of .000047 percent and a fatality rate of .000005 percent

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