Saturday, December 18, 2004

Baby survives being ripped from mother's womb

New York Daily News: Baby torn from mom survives.

I am not usually a fan of the death penalty. It is a government program and like so many other government programs, I think it is not run very well, makes too many mistakes and bureaucrats in charge of it forget why it was established in the first place. (Prosecutors are interested in a win, etc.)

But in this case, I just might be convinced. This monster cut an eight-month baby from her 23-year-old mother's womb and left the woman for dead, because she wanted a child of her own. Lethal injection is too good for this monster.

The only good news:
"The child appears to be healthy and in good shape," said Sheriff Ben Espey in Skidmore, Mo., where the crime occurred.

Lisa Montgomery, 36, of Melvern, Kan., was later charged with kidnapping resulting in death, a federal crime that could carry the death penalty.
And speaking of bureaucrats - the Amber Alert folks deserve to be reminded of why they exist. They would not issue an alert for 9 hours because they couldn't fill out their forms (hair color, eye color). It took pressure from the local congressman to make them do their job. Within an hour, of the Amber Alert being issued, the child was located. Hey, Amber Alert guys... it is about trying to find children, not about eye color. (A premature baby a description of the car was all that was needed.) I don't believe they will learn from this, and they will continue to drag their feet and fill out their forms. (They would rather see a child abducted, than to issue an alert that didn't meet specs.)

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